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Marine Fire Management

Managing a ship’s crew in the art of fire fighting is not considered to be a priority above the primary function of any business – to remain profitable. However, any operation is only as strong as its weakest link and this critical area of Emergency Preparedness is more often than not neglected, but always with serious consequences. It is the most devastating event that can happen to a vessel at sea but is also one of the easiest to rectify if the proper management systems are in place.

Bluebeast has now developed a standardised management system and training programme to meet and surpass mandatory emergency preparedness requirements for merchant vessels.

We are to the best of our knowledge, the only Company to provide this service in this format.

M.F.M.S - Emergency Preparedness Evaluation Using Live Video Recording

The first question asked of any vessel at sea would be; “Are the crew competent in protecting their own lives, the vessel, its cargo and not endangering others or the environment in the event of a fire?”

Until now this has been a very complex and costly question to answer. Crew fire-fighting training prior to arrival on a vessel varies greatly depending on nationality and previous training facilities. In most instances where we have boarded a vessel (excluding detainments) the Officers have all agreed that their standards were more than acceptable.

To date, this has NEVER been the case.

The Marine Fire Management System is an evaluation procedure which is a vessel’s first line of defence.

It allows a complete assessment of the crew’s abilities and performance using simulated fire emergency drills on the vessel WITHOUT any of our team being onboard.


A pre-determined selection of simulated fire drills are organised by the Company Superintendent (or any designated person) at a convenient time and schedule as to allow full crew participation This person will record specifics of the drills as detailed in our pre-arranged format using a digital camcorder. Upon completion, this information is then dispatched to our Office for a detailed review and analysis. This evaluation is then returned with a comprehensive report and final results.


The ship’s crew can now undergo a thorough Emergency Preparedness Inspection at the convenience of the Company whilst onboard their designated vessel. This is a huge breakthrough in the protection against real emergencies and potential Port State Control Inspections. has recognised the need to evaluate a crew before incurring the costs involved to place our personnel onboard. The recorded footage will allow us to assess:
  • Individual Officers
  • Teamwork
  • Emergency procedures
  • Command & Control
  • Fire fighting application
  • Fire-fighting equipment
  • Abandon ship protocols
  • Total performance
It will alleviate ALL of the logistical problems associated with onboard training including flights, ship operations, weather, tides, berthing, bunkering and location as it can be performed completely at your own convenience.

Most importantly, this initial evaluation is available at a FRACTION OF THE COST normally associated with this procedure.


The Marine Fire Management Program is phase 2 of our operations and is applicable in two different scenarios:
  • Phase 1 has identified a substandard level of Emergency preparedness during the MFMS evaluation which may compromise safety and contravene mandatory requirements
  • The vessel and its crew have been detained (in part or full) due to a substandard level of Emergency preparedness


  • Initial Inspection - A designated number of  personnel are assigned to perform a full inspection of the vessel’s dedicated fire fighting equipment, capabilities and restrictions
  • Evaluation – A simulated fire emergency drill to assess the current abilities of the entire crew
  • Introduction – A meeting with the ships crew to install confidence and brief the forthcoming program schedule
  • Emergency stations restructure and organisation
  • Practical application – A series of realistic fire drills
  • Debrief and theoretical application – Video footage and discussion of each drill
  • Putting it all together – A competent and organised unit capable of handling small or severe fire emergencies onboard their vessel with the precision of a military operation


Once a vessel has been evaluated and assessed either by digital recording or the physical presence of the onboard training  we will provide a dedicated consultant for that vessel at NO EXTRA CHARGE.

Our aim is to forge relationships with our customers.

A dedicated consultant will build a working knowledge of the crew, the vessel and its operations. We have a network of safety specialists within the shipping industry and if we are unable to assist, we will endeavour to contact someone who can.

Your consultant will be contactable either personally by mobile telephone (cell phone) or a specified email address.

Finally, you are under NO obligation whatsoever to implement the onboard training (M.F.M.P) before or after the initial video evaluation review (M.F.M.S) and this is entirely at your own discretion.

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